Futures on Shares, Indices & Commodities

Futures on Shares, Indices & Commodities

With Trade12, clients are able to trade assets such as commodity futures, stocks, indices, and bonds.

Contract for Differences also known as Futures is an agreement between two parties to switch the difference between the opening price and closing price of a certain contract. Futures enables you to theorize the price movements, whether the markets are climbing or declining.

Using our enhanced trading platform, multiple global assets can be traded from a single account without any limitations or minimum stop loss/take profit levels.

Why Futures Trading?

  • Indices, Shares, Future commodities
  • Boost your return on investment with high leverage
  • Optimum Trading Execution, no requotes
  • Trade Futures instantly on any mobile device
Futures Specifications Futures Expiry Dates

Equity Shares

Trade12 provides a variety of the most traded stocks to choose from such as Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.


Trade agricultural products like sugar, corn, coffee and wheat, as well as extracted natural resources such as gold, nickel, copper, silver, natural gas, gas oil, and crude oil.

Stock Indices

The stock market index is the assessment of the value of a division of the stock market. Examples of Indices include DAX, DOW Jones, Nikkei Index and the S&P 500.